Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vivesa Skin

I am not usually a plug-in guy.  I like the set of tools that Adobe gives me because they work.  I first saw Vivesa about a month ago and instantly had to have it.  Three words:  SPEED, SELECTION, CONTROL.  Vivesa allows an editor to sit down and edit a photo's tonality, luminosity, saturation, contrast, hue, etc selectively using the U-Point technology made popular by Nikon's Capture NX.  I love having the ability to effect a group of similar pixels and have the surrounding different pixels remain the same - so sweet.  If you like what you see in the video take Vivesa out for a 15 Day TEST DRIVE.  If you decide Vivesa is the product for you it doesn't come cheap - but none of the good tools do.  Trust me, the $249.95 Vivesa will set you back will be nothing when you consider how much time it will save you editing on the back end.

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