Wednesday, June 11, 2008

fake it till you make it

We all end up in the situation at one point or another (or hope we do anyway).  A client asks more of us that any client in the past.  "SURE I CAN DO THAT" we exclaim.  As the client heads out your OH CRAP meeter goes from 2 to about 2 million in approx. six seconds.  When you come to your senses you sit down and try to figure out how you are going to pull this off you really start to worry.  The largest flex I experience in equipment is glass.  I consistently need more.  I am confident in my camera, and my lighting system; however, it seems like I book a wedding or an event that will require more than resides in my camera bag.  There are two places I have used that always take care of me and make me look great.
  • - great pricing.  They are sometimes out of stock of a large chunk of their inventory so that is why you need a backup...
  • - much larger company who has never been out of stock of anything I have ever requested.  SUPER FAST turnaround.  My last lens got to me sooner than they anticipated. Lens rentals is quickly becoming my choice for renting equipment.
Both companies communicate really well.  They have cheap insurance so you don't have to freak out when you rent something should the worst happen (unless the worst is theft ... cuz they don't cover that).  If you get a gig that requires some special glass this is the ticket.  I have heard of a place out of Anderson Indiana that rents glass; however, I have never used them so I am reluctant to pass on a recommendation.

So, how cheap is cheap?  You can rent a 70-200mm f/4 USM lens for about $36.00 a week + shipping and optional insurance.  So here's the deal.  Next time you find yourself in a bind because you over promised to a client (not something that is good to get in the habit of doing).  Rent some gear that is outside your current means to own and get the job done.  Sometimes you just have to fake it 'till you make it ... or rent it 'till you get it.  Ok, On that note I am out.  See ya tomorrow.

NOTE: sorry the original version of this post had grammar issues.  I had to put it together earlier in the AM than I normally like so I wasn't fully awake.

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