Tuesday, June 24, 2008

sticky situation

images courtesy of Neal Enterprises Inc.

Gary Fong says that as wedding photographers we book weddings with a "hope album."  We shoot the wedding and hope they don't order an album.  Albums are time consuming, expensive, and quite possibly the most important thing you can give to the client.  You are basically producing a giant business card that the client will want to show EVERYONE.  Album's don't go away either - they stick around.

Do you offer albums to your clients right now?  I would hope the answer is yes.  Here is the real question - what else do you have to offer?  Just about everyone does an album.  I have a guy here in town who prints and binds mine; however, there are plenty of other places you can get books made.  What about the parents?  Are they ordering a duplicate album or perhaps a totally different one of their own?  Enter Neal Enterprises with their self-stick album.  I won a self stick album at the David Ziser Master class in a raffle and WOW.  I printed up some 4x6 images from the wedding, stuck them in the album and it looked GREAT!  The pages have a wax sheet of paper covering the adhesive.  You peel down the corner (which they have perforated), line up the photo where you want to place it and press.  Grab the rest of the wax paper and pull away.  I don't think it can get any easier than that.
images courtesy of Neal Enterprises Inc.

When you are finished - a professional looking album sits before you.  It even comes with a presentation box - how cool is that.  Present these to your clients as gift albums - christmas presents, parent albums, thank you favors, or work albums.  They cost a fraction of what a full bound album costs.  These are also great for clients who opt to not get an album.

Bottom line - will Neal Enterprises' albums replace a ZookBook, or other bound album?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  They will; however, ad a secondary product that you can offer to your client that will compliment the primary album.  People want this and by not offering it to them we are doing them a disservice.  

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