Monday, June 2, 2008

Dancing In The Light

Camera: Canon 20D 1/100 f/5.0 ISO 400  Lens: 17-40mm USM L  
Light: Canon 580EX II zoomed to 105 on a monopod triggered by FreeXwire

This is one of my favorite images from this weekend for several reasons.  First and foremost, the photo is amazing.  Secondly, the technique and positioning would not have been possible without the training I received at David Ziser's Master Class.  David never showed us a photo like this or explained how to take this exact photo - instead he helped me begin thinking differently about light.  I now approach light as a tool ... something to be bent and shaped to do what I wish.  It is no longer just a "what" I light my subjects with - now it has become a "how" I light my subjects.  I was photographing the couple sharing their first dance and started to think ... you know, it is too bad there isn't a spot on them because that would be fantastic "CLICK" wait - why don't I create the spot.  I waved over to my assistant and had him remove the shoot through umbrella he was using from the 580 EX II flash.  I then zoomed the flash to 105 mm to get a small focused beam coming out of the flash which we bumped up to 1/2 power.  I had my assistant extend the flash above the couple as far up as he could get it without being in the photo and started snapping away.  BOOM this shot comes out.  I was blown away and later that evening I grabbed the bride and groom and showed it to them on the back of the camera ... they about fell over.  Here is the deal ... the room was well lit.  The left side was all windows and the 4:00 pm sun was shining in.  The 508 EX flash gave me the power and direction to cut through that like it was nothing!  

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Ronnie said...

This image is awesome! I can't wait to hear more about the "off camera" technique.