Tuesday, June 24, 2008

rewards - get yours

Just about everyone who read's this blog knows that I work for Best Buy.  I know that you appreciate me leaving the Best Buy cool-aid to a minimum; however, there are some things that just excite me so I have to share them.  Best Buy just rolled out a program called Reward Zone Silver.  It is a upper tier for their existing Reward Zone program.

Reward Zone Silver (free card - not a credit card)
  • 45 Day return policy (even on 14 day items like laptops and cameras)
  • Bank Points - as you purchase items, save up the points for one big purchase instead of having them mailed to you as you earn them.
  • 25% bonus points - you get $5.00 for every $200.00 spent at Best Buy
  • Complimentary Home Theater In Home Consultation Every Year
  • Complimentary Geek Squad Online Data Backup
  • Dedicated customer service line just for Silver Members
Reward Zone Master Card (credit card that can be used anywhere)
  • 50% bonus points - you get $5.00 for every $100.00 spent at Best Buy
  • everything else is the same from above
Reward Zone Standard
  • $5.00 for every $250 spent
  • Free Paper with the purchase of 2 inkjet cartridges or one toner cartridge
  • Invitation to exclusive VIP shopping events
You have to spend $2,500 annually with Best Buy to be upgraded to the Silver card - send one kid to college now days and you will have no problems with qualifying.  There are two things that really excite me about this program:
  1. 45 Day return policy:  that say a lot.  Best Buy is saying ... you know our Best Customers deserve a premium service - so let's take care of them.
  2. Bank Points:  I see people come in every day with expired points - you spend the money at Best Buy - you should be able to spend you points when you want!
If you are already a Reward Zone customer you will automatically be upgraded when you qualify.  In the meantime - you will have a progress indicator on the envelope that points and coupons come in telling you how close you are to Silver membership.  Ok, I think I am done ... this marks the end of the Best Buy Cool-Aid.

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