Tuesday, June 10, 2008

goodbye shine

Say goodbye to annoying shine and specularity in your photos ... well if you are using off camera flash then you have already said goodbye for the most part; however, you still run into it from time to time.  Scott Kelby did a tutorial on removing 12 o'clock shadow using the clone stamp tool.  I had a thought ... what if I reversed the technique - wouldn't it remove shine ... guess what IT DOES!!!  Check out this video tutorial - it will rock your world.


Ronnie said...

Nice write up on David Ziser's bolg about you today...good job Rick!

Rick Mead said...

Yeah - I was very honored last week when he let me know he would be linking to my blog again. He had such kind things to say and my site traffic is through the roof. I took a few minutes and watched his video tutorial today and WOW - my tutorials are still lightweight. Anyways - thanks for reading and commenting.

laura said...

bucket, man good work on your video tutorials, I'm loving them! I might even try this one out today if it gets a little slow at work.

Xtof said...

Just tried it ... what can I say ? Easy to do,great results. Tx.