Thursday, June 5, 2008

freeXwire ins & outs

Per-reader request I have put together a more detailed description with up-close pictures of the freeXwire and how it connects to the flash and camera. There is almost nothing out online around setting up these units and the manual is so dense that I gave up on it and just started messing around with the device - so here is what I have found works...

There are two sets of plugs: one on the right side of the device (top photo) and one on the left (bottom photo). The plug on the right is labled sync in and is used for input into the device. The freeXwire comes with a standard mini pin to male pc connector (pictured below) to connect the transmitting freeXwire unit to your camera. This is the standard connection for both Canon and Nikon. The Left side has the sync out port which is used for sending the received signal to your device in this case the flash. They do not supply this cable because there are about 9 million kinds of flash cable and depending on your application the cable will change.

Hooking a speedlite (like in my use) to the freeXwire requires a male to male PC sync cable that is not supplied. The cable goes into the sync out port as pictured in (A) and plugs in as illustrated in (B). Insure that your flash has a PC port on it (C) - if not you will need to purchase an inexpensive adapter that snaps onto the hot shoe to give the port. The end going into the flash should look like the end that went into the freeXwire (D). Plug in the end as illustrated in (E) and the connection is complete.

When I first un-boxed my freeXwire I was confused because I figured the cable supplied should work for the flash as well. However, The jack it uses is for input into the device not output. Once I figured out that I had to use the sync out port everything was smooth sailing. You set the transmitter and the receiver to the same channel and sub-group and you are up and running.


Jason Sliger said...

Can the freeXwier do Rear curtain sync with the canon speedlight 580EX II? I have two pocket wizard’s and I can’t get them to do it wirelessly.

Rick Mead said...

there are two ways to set up rear curtain sync: on the flash and on the camera. On the flash only works if the flash and camera have a TTL link of some kind (pocket wiz are not TTL). Without TTL the flash doesn't know how long the exposure is in Order to place of at the end. You can also set the rear curtain sync in camera. This is what you want to do to get it to work with your PW. By setting it in camera vs in flash the camera waits till the end to signal the false. Just remember to set your flash in manual mode. The pocket wiz will receive the signal at the end and all should be good. In canon you will have to turn on the camera rear curt. Flash in the Custom Function Menu - I MOT sure about Nikon.