Friday, June 6, 2008


Camera: Canon 20D 1/50 f/5.6 ISO 800  Lens: 17-40mm USM L  
Light:  Canon 580 EXII 1/4 power through a 33" shoot through umbrella triggered by Quantum freeXwire.

It never ceases to amaze me how often you set up one photo and then take an alteration or modification of the shot and like the spur of the moment photo better.  I posed the bride in the isle, positioned the light and was ready to go - click and I had the photo.  Then while everything was still set I zoomed in for this and ... I think it has tons of impact.  I love the little detail shots.  This really showcases the dress and her flowers (the two things that often cost the most money).  I added a custom vignette in Photoshop and removed some color cast with Vivesa but other than that it is right out of the camera.  I hope you have a great weekend - I will see you guys monday morning for a video tutorial.

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Ronnie said...

Great detail shot Rick!