Monday, May 12, 2008

Lightroom Signatures

Sorry this is being posted so late in the day.  This is the first time for me on so many levels.
  1. I have never done screen recording on a PC (Thanks to David Ziser for the info on the program)
  2. I have never uploaded video to viddler before - my internet connection was giving me problems
All problems aside - I put together a great tutorial.  Today we take a look at making a digital signature that you can add into Lightroom - allowing you to process photos with your signature much faster.  Check it out, I think you will enjoy it!


Laura said...

great video tutorial! I've been thinking of getting lightroom for awhile, should I wait for 2.0 before I do the 30 day trial?

ps: you totally said BOLTH in your tutorial

Carlos said...

Thx for the tutorial.

While I am an Aperture user, I have been looking at Lightroom to see what advantages it may have over it.

This seems to be one. Makes it fairly easy to setup a signature and put them across a number of images.

Rick Mead said...

Yeah - Guilty as charged. I would grab the 30 day trial of 1.4 ... 2.0 is still sorta raw. Cool new features - but I wouldn't trust my photo library with it just yet.

Mon said...

It's a good tutorial but irs frustrating that Adobe didn't even consider direct export to Jpeg when you are in print mode.

Try photocleaner also ( While its not a better photo editing tool than lightroom and you can not use a personalized signature, you can use the fonts on your PC to add signatures on the photo regardless of orientation (portrait and landscape). You just have to tell it to place all signatures, lower right, mid right, upper left and etc. And I can batch process 1 to 100 to 1000 photos in one click.

-- Mon

pummkin said...

Thank you so much for this guide!!! I love it & I'm going to try it!!! Thanks again!!!

Sarah said...

Hi Rick this is a great tutorial. I ahve just one problem - when I export to folder (I have LR 2.4 on Vista) the image exports without the signature - could you tell me how to export so the signature is on the image please?
Mnay thanks for your help

Sarah said...

Hi Rick, the other thing I am trying to do is plasticise the signature then make it transparent so the photo shows through. Could ou help on that at all? Many thanks

digital signature workflow said...

Hi Sarah
I am also looking for same thing.Have you got any success on this.If yes then can you please share it here so that i can use that too.As one year has passed so i think you might have found how tos.