Thursday, May 29, 2008

doing my part

Everyone like a deal. Many of us scour the internet to find a supplier who will promise free shipping or $15.00 better pricing than the last 20 shops we visited online. Along comes eBay. Do I take the risk? Is the seller going to run with my money? Is the item what they described? Unfortunately the answer is ... sometimes. That's why I feel that when I have a GREAT experience on eBay I should pass it along so that people know someone they can trust out there.

Imagesc is one of those great eBay sellers who does great business. As a photographer I fall into the stereotype of being Cheap. I am all about finding a deal. For a while I had been looking at a pair of Quantum FreeXwire trancievers on B&H. B&H generally sells the pair for approx $370.00 which is perfectly reasonable. Just for kicks I did a quick eBay search and ran across imagesc and was blown away. He is charging $125 per unit. I paid $265 shipping and all for my units that arrived day before yesterday. I have used them on two shoots and they work exactly as they should. The boxes were new with all the proper contents as would be expected from new items. I know a lot of folks who are interested in remote flash are looking for these so go take a look at imagesc's listings on ebay - I think you will be happy with what you find.

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