Tuesday, May 6, 2008

back to zero

I am a bit backwards from many people out there ... in more ways that we will discuss here but that is another post all together. Most people started blogging and then blogging evolved into podcasting which sometimes evolved into video podcasting and so on. About 3 years ago I decided that I wanted to be a podcaster. I started doing some research and discovered that the fastest and easiest way to set that up was to create a blog - pass that blog on to feedburner and then publish the audio to the blog. BAM you have a podcast. I could be all noble and claim that I produced a podcast every week or every two weeks; however, that fib wouldn't fly for long. Truth of the matter - I didn't have much to say so It was a struggle to podcast much of anything at all. I started out with one a week and then dropped to one every two weeks. Then the amazing happened ... iTunes started supporting podcasting and BAM my podcast jumped from 80 subscribers to 300 subscribers over a weekend. Long story short, there were a TON of people listening to me say nothing much at all on a very unreliable schedule ... but at least the audio quality and production value was top notch ;-)

I stopped producing the podcast to start blogging (see backwards). However, I found I was worse at blogging than I was at podcasting. I feel that this is 180 degrees from where I am now. I feel like I have some things to say. I feel that I wan and will be continuing on a consistent basis.

This morning I updated my feedburner account (I was still snagging about 60 subscribers from my old podcast) and now the counter is back down to zero. The Viewfinder now has a fresh start - so here we go! (no this is not today's post ... just wanted to get that rant out of the way)

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