Friday, May 30, 2008

inviting rings

Camera: Canon 10D 1/20 f/9.5 ISO 800 Lens: Canon 70-300 4.5-5.6 USM
(I don't know exactly what lens was used ... but I think that is it.)

Some of the photos cherished the most from the wedding are the detail shots.  So many time we walk (very quickly most of the time) past detail photos that will WOW clients.  I always try to do something with the rings.  If you have a reflective surface like a piano or polished wood table the rings look great.  In this instance - the piano was not easily accessible and all the tables were more of a matte finish so I opted to place the rings on the order of service.  I thought it came out nicely.  This was from my first digital wedding back on 2006.  I borrowed my wife's Aunt's camera - a Canon 10D with mostly kit glass and a 520EX flash mounted to a stroboframe 360 quickflip.  I want to say I had about 2 GB of Compact Flash cards so of course I was was shooting in JPG.  

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