Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Camera: Olympus E-10 ISO 320 1/60 f/2.2 - fixed zoom lens

This is one of my favorite images I have ever captured. In 2005 my dad retired from the United States Air Force as a Lt. Co. Piloting the C141 and C17 for a majority of his career he served in the first Gulf War under President Bush - whom he had the honor of flying into the Middle East. On Memorial day we focus on those who have sacrificed for our freedom. As a child I can remember my father being gone for months on end while serving in the Middle East. I know that while he missed his family he was proud to serve his country.
Camera: Olympus E-10 ISO 320 1/20 f/2.4 - fixed zoom lens
As we enjoy our hot dogs and hamburgers, fireworks, and time with family. Take some time to reflect on the millions who have made the sacrifice allowing us to richly enjoy the freedom we so greatly under appreciate.

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