Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Digital SLR Demo

Every now and then I get the opportunity to do something really cool.  Sunday was one of those days.  At select stores Best Buy holds exclusive sales events for it's Reward Zone customers.  I am sure several of you out there received invitations.  Because I have such a passion for photography they gave me the opportunity to host the digital SLR demo.  We had a Nikon D40 kit with 18-55mm, 55-200mm, SB-600 Speedlight, and Nikon Bag, Battery, Filter Kit.  Normally this setup would set you back around $1,100.00.  For our special event we sold the kit for $799.99!!!!!  Talk about a DEAL on just about everything you need!

I set up a 47" plasma TV to a laptop that was tethered to the camera (see photo at the top of the post).  As I shot images they appeared on the screen a few seconds later.  My Job was to go over proper hand-holding to get sharper photos, demonstrate the advantages of having a zoom lens (grab shots of your kids on the baseball field, blur the background on a portrait, etc), real burst modes for capturing a series of action images to get the one you want.  And finally - I added a flash demo.  After spending a week with David Ziser I had to do something with light!  I grabbed a member of the audience (no photos of her because I did not get her permission to share the photos online) and snapped a photo with the pop-up flash.  YUCK - doesn't it look terrible?!?!  Then I grabbed the SB600 Flash and with it facing forward I snapped the photo again.  YUCK - why in the world would you pay almost $300.00 to get the same light that comes from the popup flash?!?  Because you can do this .... I turned to flash head to the left and up a bit and then snapped the photo without changing any other settings .... NOW doesn't that just look spectacular.  We have a much more flattering picture that appears more natural.  I explained that the lighting we just pulled off is used in Advertising photography, fashion photography, etc.  Now with this kit you will be able to pull off professional looking photos that can be blown up to 13x19.

I am getting excited again just talking about it.  I also took some time to talk about rechargeable batteries for the flash, screen protectors for the LCD on the back and the advantages of high speed memory cards.  It was a blast.  Being able to take the photos and see them HUGE on a 47" TV gave a huge impact to the demo that would have otherwise been kinda underwhelming.


Laura said...

I love the huge selection of washers and dryers in the background, let us know when you are doing a demo with those!

Anonymous said...

Is that Joel N.?!

Rick Mead said...

Yep - he was checking out my demo setup before we opened that evening so I snapped a quick one of him and Trina.