Tuesday, July 29, 2008

refinement and polishing

Camera: Canon 20D 1/25 f/5.6 ISO 800 Lens: Canon 17-40mm f/4.0
Some images are simple and effortless while some pose a challenge at every turn. However, sometimes the images that require the most work are formed into quiet masterpieces that take our breath away. This image was defiantly a labor of love.

The couple was placed to hide the sound booth in the balcony which placed a pillar squarely between them - had to be removed. The exit and emergency lights were a distracting eyesore. However, the minute I saw this image I kinda welled up a bit (this is my baby sister). This image strikes a chord for me and so I wanted to refine and polish the image to make it amazing.

My first step was to put together an image map. Any time I dive into an image that needs this amount of work I try to lay out a plan of attack so something does not get overlooked. As I made notes about some of the more obvious changes I noticed some annoying things in the background I had missed on my first pass.

The first thing I tackled was using a layer mask to spot color the flowers. Then I used a combination of layer duplication, masking, and patch tool to remove the pillars and sound booth that is poking it's ugly head out my sister's back. Next I removed the little bulge around the bust that every woman (no matter how skinny) has when they wear a halter ... can't escape physics. The trickiest edit was the pole between James and Rene. I actually took a section of the ceiling opposite the couple, duplicated it onto it's own layer, then moved it into position over their faces. I then used a mask tool to hide the section that was covering them. I am prety happy with the results. The image is refined and polished - and I love it.

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