Thursday, July 17, 2008

let there be FIREWIRE!!!!

Huge news this week - Data Robotics Inc. announced the second revision of it's popular redundant storage device the drobo. Engadget posted a mini-review comparing the two units so you can check that out. I talked a little about the drobo in my backup post and dedicated an entire post to it last October around image security. The first version used USB 2.0 which made it a phenominal backup solution but a poor solution for primary storage because of the limited USB speed.

Most users I have talked to have a primary drive on their system and backup to the drobo. With the addition of Firewire 800 the device is fast enough to be your primary storage drive. If you are looking for a reliable data security solution that doesn't require a lot of management or technical knowledge like a RAID this is worth checking out. I am a bit OCD about data security because I have known far too many people who have lost data because of drive failure. If you have data you don't want to lose I would consider a solution like the drobo.

note: In the interest of full disclosure I want to let everyone know that Data Robotics Inc does not pay me or sponsor me. I have a drobo hat they gave me for free for taking a survey but no cash. I recomend the product because I see a clear benefit to the device.


JoBu said...

You got a Drobo for free based on a taking a Survey? Where do I sign up for that awesome gig?

Rick Mead said...

I was given a drobo hat ... Not a drobo.