Thursday, July 3, 2008

I was wrong

image courtesy of Nikon USA

Ok, so here is the deal - I am usually all about some camera rumors.  So I don't know if I am just feeling beat-up by the lack of any fruition on the Canon 5D Mk II rumors ... not bitter ... but I totally denounced the possibility of the now announced Nikon D700.  Last week I was chatting with my local ASC (Apple Sales Consultant) Shah Hussain who is totally a Shutterbug - I just got to know him but I can tell we will hit it off - and He mentioned the Nikon D700 and I totally blew it off.  I didn't see a business model - I was like that camera doesn't make sense - it will cannibalize the D300 sales AND the D3 sales.  Why would I want a D3 if the D700 does all this.  Anyways - long story short - I wanted to publicly let everyone know that I was wrong.  Not just a little wrong but SUPERIORLY WRONG!!!  The camera is a beast and It has me gazing sadly at my empty wallet - for I wish I could make it mine!

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