Thursday, July 31, 2008

aperture inspiration - joe buissink

A few weeks ago I posted a few remarks regarding inspiration. "Inspiration - What inspires You" I got some great comments and emails from readers outlining some sites that lift them up. Anytime Adobe pushes out a major update to Lightroom I do my due diligence and take a look at what it's alter ego - Aperture is doing. As I was looking over the aperture site, I watched a few of the story videos apple posts on line and was reminded of one of their first videos. If you read this blog or know me at all, you will know that I am big fan of Joe Buissink. His images are so filled with story and moment that I am completely blown away. When Aperture initially released several years ago he was one of the three photographers who apple approached to do a story video around Aperture.I have kept a copy of the video (which is long gone from apple's website) and I go back and view it from time to time. No matter how down or frustrated I feel the video always pumps me up to go meet with that client or shoot that wedding that I can sense will be nothing but trouble (those are few and far between; however, they do crop up here and there). I wanted to share the video with you - I looked all over and couldn't find it on line. I went ahead and posted the video up on Viddler - not sure if they will let it stay up; however, for now it is there. Take a look at the video - I hope it inspires you like it inspires me.


Anonymous said...

a commercial inspires you?
look at that shot where he is snapping away at her face, only the finished shot clearly has a flash being used.
its all fake man..

Tickle said...

"Anonymous" Feeling a bit Jealous are we? that's silly

Anonymous said...

"anonymous" feeling a little Jealous are we? that's silly