Wednesday, July 30, 2008

lightroom 2.0 impressions

After spending a few minutes with Lightroom 2.0 I want to give some of my impressions. Please understand that I have been using Lightroom since early BETA of 1.x. When I began using the application I was working exclusively on a laptop. That means multiple storage locations. I would only keep images on my local drive that I was currently working on. Everything else was archived to a secondary drive. Unfortunatly - Lightroom didn't officially support this feature so the Folders system was a little vague on where your images were being stored. The VERY FIRST thing I noticed when looking at Lightroom 2.0 was the expansion of the folders drop down that now includes Mulit-Drive support.

Now I have the ability to move files between drives for primary storage and archive storage. This is going to be a HUGE life saver for me. Not sure if this will be a big feature to anyone else (Ok, I say that in a little jest because I know others have asked for it or we wouldn't be seeing it here).

I'm not sure how much I am going to use it; however, now you can access collections (including smart collections) from the print tab. I guess this is for people who jump around a lot.

Everyone who tried out the BETA of 2.0 was blown away by localized corrections within the develop tab. With the finalized version Graduated Filters have been added to they bag of tricks within Lightroom. If you shoot landscape or any exterior photos this will be huge!

These are my initial impressions of version 2.0 from the 10 minutes I spend with it yesterday before work. I plan on doing a deep-dive this week and plan on posting something later this week that pulls some of the gems out. Stay tuned - have a great day!

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