Monday, March 23, 2009

treat yourself to HDR

For those of you who love rocking great desktop backgrounds I have a treat for you. A co-worker reminded me of this site a few days ago and I have been all over it. There are so many "background" and "wallpaper" sites out there that are just filled with ads and blah. The images over on are anything but blah. Many of the images are HDR; however, there is a good assortment of amazing imagery.

Some of the images are better than others - but it is a community so the great images tend to rise to the top. You could seriously get lost for hours on this site just enjoying the images. They even have an iPhone application available that gives you the ability to download the images and use them in a format that is friendly for your iPhone or iPod touch.

This is a great place to find some fresh new ideas and get inspired. Check 'em out at

note: images in this post were downloaded from I do not own the images or stake any claims on them.

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