Monday, March 16, 2009

do hard things...

Sunday I got an amazing opportunity to photography Alex and Brett Harris giving a talk to our Church's youth group. Super sharp guys. Weather you are a religious individual or not it is amazing to here these guys talk about breaking the current American culture that says the teenage years are just for goofing around and that your life doesn't really start until after college when you get a real job and start out in the real world.

At 17 they competed for an internship with a prestigious law firm - something normal reserved for pre-law students in college. They have spoken to millions of teens across the globe and continue to draw huge attention with their blog "The Rebelution."

They are even tight with Chuck Norris ... I don't care who you are. If you are friends with Chuck Norris you are pretty awesome. By the way if you were wondering... Chuck Norris doesn't have an email address... he reads your mail!

Photographing these guys was a ton of fun mostly because I got to hear them speak at the same time. I shot totally available light and rocked ISO 800 for most of the day. You can check out Alex and Brett Harris on their blog as well as on twitter @therebelution.

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Anonymous said...

Alex and Brett are AWESOME everyone should listen to them and check out their site!!!!