Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am a control freak - ok, I went out and said it. I like having complete control over all I do professionally from meeting with the client to shooting the event to proofing and communicating after the wedding. But I am getting tired. I am getting worn down. This week I had something drop in my lap. I was sitting next to a co-worker and he was looking at his friend's wedding photos from the previous month online through a company called pictage. I was impressed at how the images were organized and like the structure. The browsing experience looked fantastic and my co-worker was having a blast on his laptop looking at these images. Fast forward to Tuesday of this week. I was in the studio working on a few things and I started listening to TWiP (This Week in Photograph). This week they interviewed Jason Kiefer - founder of Pictage and he gave an amazing interview. I went and poked around the site, took a look at their services, and I am completely sold on their service! Take a look and listen to the interview over at

CORRECTION 3/15/09: TWiP photo link has been corrected.

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Anonymous said...

hey Rick

a few great posts lately.

I tried the link to twip and it kept coming up with "ww" instead of "www"

not sure if it's my side or your side. check and see how it does from your end.

thanks again, great posts.