Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Protector

Those of you outside Best Buy will not understand how huge this is - but for those of you who do... I GOT TO MEET THE PROTECTOR! Very cool opportunity. When he saw my camera he said, "HOLY COW, that thing is huge how many maga-pixels is that?" I replied "8." To which he said, "that's it? Are you serious?" I smiled and said - "it's not the quantity that matters it's the quality." And he came back with (in a deep serious voice) - "That's what I always say!" ... it felt like a good time for a "that's what she said moment." Anyways - Ashley and I are having a blast out in CA. Thank's to Nathan for taking my picture.

1 comment:

BK said...

THE PROTECTOR!!! NO WAY!!! Nice work Rick... Next time you get to go to California, BK better be riding shotgun to the Airport! ;)