Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the Mpix experience

I got my first set of photos back from Mpix today and all I can say is WOW. These are the best prints I have ever seen (speaking of the print not the content... though the content isn't bad either but I may be a bit bias). The color reproduction is spot on and the detail is so crisp - no corners cut here.

The packaging is the first thing that stands out. Massive amounts of protection for the photos to keep them clean looking and protected for their FedEx journey. I placed my order on Monday evening and by Wednesday afternoon I had the prints in my hands. Disclaimer: I paid a little extra to have them overnighted ... I think it cost me about $10.00 in shipping so all in all not to shabby. I will be using Mpix from now on as they offer better pricing than my local shop and better quality. Those are two paramount concerns for our studio.

If you are looking to have prints large or small printed look no further than Mpix - Simply Amazing.

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