Monday, February 2, 2009

Great Gear - Canon OC-E3

This week we had a massive Ice and Snow storm bombard Louisville with destructive power outages and accidents. People flocked to shelters and hotels to stay warm. While the weather inconvenienced many - it was a great opportunity to take some photos. Ice was everywhere so I had to pack light which meant I had to pick only the essentials. Any time I have to pack light I try to pack my Canon OC-E3 off camera flash cord. This cable fits in just about any pocket and allows you to detach your flash from the camera to get more directional lighting while walking about without messing with wireless systems. I ALWAYS keep this baby in my bag. It gives me more flexibility with lighting on location in a pinch.

The cables are a little expensive at around $70.00; however, they are very durrable and extremely portable. As seen in the photo above - directional lighting gives a depth and dimension to a photo. Above is a photo taken this week. A leaf incased in ice that was an amazing site. The light is positioned to the right of the image and set to 1/4 power. I bumped the exposure up to 1/250 a second to darken the background and I set the aperture to f/11 to insure the macro shot had sufficient depth of field. - Grab your camera and go make some images!!!

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