Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Digital Photography Book

I have talked to countless people who want to know what will make them a better photographer. They want to know if a better lens or a faster - higher resolution camera will answer their problems. While some people have literally outgrown their gear - most would be better suited with training and study.

The digital revolution has given the world of photography so many pluses we sometimes look past going to the next level as a learning phase when the market tells us that gear is the answer. Canon and Nikon want you to believe if you purchase their newest dSLR you will capture all the great professional images you desire. Unfortunately that is not always the case. For about two years now I have had a go-to book for people who are looking to take their photography to the next level. Actually it is two go-to books. Scott Kelby has written the most foundationally solid photography books I have ever had my hands on. His straigh forward and honest approach makes things that should be complicated by my calculation into a simple two or three point instruction... he has this ability to de-complexify things that would normally be out of the reach of an average consumer. I always tell people that the first book is a MUST and then if you find yourself wanting more then pick up volume two for more advanced lighting and technique.
The digital revolution we have all been a part of has had some wonderful and amazing side-effects. For one, it has re-inspired people who put down their cameras because of prohibitive film and processing costs and it has ignited an inspiration for capturing images and sharing them in this generation that is second only to the initial 35mm revolution. More people are taking pictures now than ever before. More images are being shared and viewed over the internet now than ever before. We should feel honored and privilaged to be called photographers in such a time as this - let's help people who want to go to the next level with their photography.

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