Thursday, August 28, 2008

murphy taunts me

It can only be described as ironic justice that on the week I post the virtue of my Vista setup that it crashes into oblivion. NO WARNING - simple, quiet, dead. I didn't even get the courtesy of a blue screen of death. Not sure if it is a case of simple file corruption or if there is a drive issue. Fortunately my essential data is backed up on a redundant drive. Doesn't make the next week fun - just means I'm not playing in traffic. SpinRite is doing its thing tonight as I sleep to try and salvage the drive and it's data ... not holding my breath. Until I get things back up and running please have patience with my posts as I am frantically trying to get my production machine back into a usable state. The machine boots up to a black screen with my mouse still visible ... but that is it. A bit odd. I am not sure if were able to fix the issue if I would trust the install. Perhaps this would be a good time to do an Ultimate install? I will have to think on that for the evening.


thumper said...

Maybe it was the optimization done by Best Buy, good thing it is under warranty. XP Still Rocks.

TomboCheck said...

^^ HAHAHA, gotta love the BB optimization. At least you have the redundant drive.

After you get all your apps installed, but before you copy over all your data you might want to consider ghosting a copy of your hard drive to a separate disk, then unplug it and stick in a drawer.

If you ever go down again, just restore the ghost, and copy a current backup of data in.

Still time consuming, but at least you don't have to go through all the installations and progress bar watching. :) Plus since it is just OS and apps, you can use an older smaller drive for it.

Rick Mead said...

It wasn't the GS optimization - I have been running the machine for months now. I am a fiddler - such is my curse. I mess will little things on the computer so I probably jacked it up. Anywho - picked up a new drive today and the re-install is going fine. Tombocheck - great idea on the ghost. After I recover the data from my corrupted disk I will Ghost on to that. I have to go check on the machine now - later.