Wednesday, November 5, 2008

sync with foxmarks

This morning I want to share a great utility / plug-in that has been a life-saver for me on so many levels. If you read the blog regularly you will know that I have been a bit of a computer nomad the past month and a half. I have moved from computer to computer, trying to find a place to settle down. One thing we pour so much time into is our collection of bookmarks in our web browser. There have been too many times when I have formatted a system only to realize a few days later that I forgot to backup my bookmarks. Enter Foxmarks.

Foxmarks is platform independent - so as long as you can put Firefox on the computer you can get a copy of Foxmarks. Setting up an account is free and easy - two tings that I appreciate after a HUGE laptop purchase. Once you are setup Foxmarks backs up all your bookmarks (both from the bookmarks menu and the bookmarks bar). You can also choose to have Foxmarks backup your passwords aswell. Foxmarks periodically re-syncs with your computer to make sure if you add or remove any bookmarks that it has the most up-t0-date info on line.

Another strength of this plug-in is it's ability to sync with multiple computers. For my weekly workflow I have two Apple laptops and one PC desktop that I work on. Firefox and Foxmarks are installed on all three systems. As I work on my laptop and change bookmarks thorughout the week, the other two systems are automatically updated every few hours.

I am not a huge plug-in fanatic like some. I only use a handfull; however, I have found Foxmarks to be irriplacable and invaluble in my daily workflow.

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