Friday, November 14, 2008

the first page...

In the same way an individual only gets one first impression - there is only one first page of a wedding album. When you open the first page of your album it should grab you. That one page should represent the entire day with all the emotion, preparation, and satisfaction. The tone of the entire album is set from that first page. When your client shows off the album to friends - what will they say when the cover is opened? If you haven't thought about it - you should. The album is crucial because it is portable. It is the only part of the wedding they will take to the office, take to family functions, and share with friends. I can't speak for all wedding photographers; however, over 80% of my business comes from referral. The way I see it - the album has a lot to do with that. Earlier today when I was taking a break for lunch my wife called the studio and asked how my day was going. When I told her I had finished the first page of the album she understood what a big deal it was - "That's the hardest page - that's great honey." This principal holds true for anything you give to a client - first impressions are everything.

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