Thursday, December 6, 2007

DUDE! Best Buy's Gettin' DELL

So, there are so many things that I never expected to see.  However, I guess it makes sense.  As we all gathered around the yellow dot (that's where we meet at Best Buy before we open for a team meeting and pep talk) when our GM made the announcement.  By December 30th Best Buy will be carrying Dell.  Not just the medium range units Wal-Mart carries ... NOPE  XPS systems.  The company will carry an assortment of standard configurations of the XPS and lower lines.  HOWEVER, Best Buy will also offer Build-To-Order items.  Not sure how they will implement that though their current ordering system - but I am sure people way smarter than me will have it figured out by launch.  So now when you you walk into Best Buy you have:


Are there any missing here?  I can't find one.  This is HUGE.  I know tons of photographers who rely on Dell's XPS laptops to manage and edit their photos on the road and I can't wait to set them along side my Apple laptops to give customers the ULTIMATE selection.  That's all I have for today - see ya later.

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