Tuesday, July 14, 2009

our stuido is moving

For about the last year I have run my studio out of a cramped corner of our one bedroom apartment. I sit right next to our refrigerator and bounce on a yoga ball as my chair. Next month we are moving to a much more modest apartment that will allow our life to decompress a bit. I will have a room specifically for my office and I can't wait to work out of this new space. I will be uploading pictures as soon as we get moved in, painted, and walls decorated with photos.

I have been all over the place this past month and haven't been able to post something in quite a while. I have several irons in the fire in the form of video tutorials. I have created an amazing process for reducing/removing chub from under a person's chin area. I also have some amazing techniques for portrait retouching in Lightroom. I plan on recording these this week and having them up directly. Thanks so much for your patience. Look for this month's calendar wallpaper tomorrow.

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