Monday, June 8, 2009

blow-out those highlights

The rules.  They exists to establish a standard.  A standard that is established so that when one feels the need to break the standard others take notice.  The almighty histogram is a great friend and a formidable foe when working on location.
A photographer is wise to consult the great histogram - or a least it's hot cousin the blinkies.  These tools insure that highlights and shadows do not clip and thus produce a lack of detail in the highlights and shadows which can be problematic in post production.  Our camera's can see approximately a 3 stops of light while our eyes can see about 7.  That means there is a set range of highlight and shadow you camera can view at any given time.  As photographers we have to always be aware of our camera's range - particularly the highlights as they are easy to clip.

But as stated above - sometimes a rule is meant to be broken.  The image above is such an instance.  The blow-out look gives this image its pop.  Just remember, if you shoot something blown out on purpose it should look like it is supposed to look that way.  If there is a question of whether it was an accident or intentional stay away from it.

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