Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 2009 Wallpaper

Camera: Canon 20D 14-40mm f/4
Settings: 1/800 at f/6.3 EV-1/3 Aperture Priority ISO 100

We spent all day in Clearwater, Florida last week and it was an amazing time. As we planned out our day I wanted to make sure I set myself up for some great sunset photos. A photographer once told me that a sunset is only as good as what you put in front of it. As we walked up and down the diverse assortment of charter boats for hire they all boasted an "unobstructed view of the sunset." My family asked me if I was interested in that. NOPE! Clearwater has an amazing pier that has lots of flat surface to reflect a setting sun. I probably captured 150 frames of the sunset during its final hour of decent. Tward the end my inlaws were goofing off and asked me to take their picure in front of the sunset. I popped one off and looked down .... holy cow! I quickly had them move a bit so they were in front of the sinking sun. Underexposed a bit and the rest is history. I used a spot removal tool in Lightroom and added the callendar in Photoshop - that is it. Nothing like snapping it on your first go with no post. I hope you all enjoy!

Standard Size [click here to download] 1440 x 900
Large Size [click here to download] 256o x 100
(for you folks with stinkin' huge monitors, you know who you are.)

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