Thursday, January 29, 2009

coolest wedding photo ever!

image courtesy of - photo by Joe Bussink

I was plunking around on the internet this morning as I sipped on my first cup of caffeine for the day and I ran across a great web site - the Canon Explorers of Light. As I flipped through admiring the diversity in the images I ran across an image by Joe Bussink (my favorite photographer) that I had never seen and will not soon forget - probably the coolest wedding photo I have ever seen. I can only imagine how many tries it took to get the dog to behave properly ... this photo is a perfect example of why I love Joe Bussink's work - it is altogether different. There is no photographer like him. While I don't like all his work - his approach to wedding photography is intoxicating and inspiring. Two sites you should check out:

Canon Explorers of Light
Joe Bussink's Web Page

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